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12/6/2014 by Devin C, Brighton

I usually hate visiting the dentist, but from the minute I walked in I felt at ease. The receptionist was friendly and offered me a coffee or tea upon entering, which is a nice touch to the typical sterile atmosphere of the waiting room. Once I got started, I had a massaging chair to relax me while the poking, prodding, and scraping began. I hadn’t seen a dentist in quite sometime and even though I had barnacles to clean off my teeth, I got a very gentle cleaning. I liked the friendly atmosphere and the exceptional cleaning I got. I have a few fillings to get and I’m not at all nervous about getting them done here.

9/24/2014 by Anonymous

It’s always a great experience here! I love the friendly atmosphere, and all the extra details that take my Dental appointment from good to amazing. Before getting there they send you a text to your cell phone, and before that an appointment confirmation. So, you’re sure to not miss your appointment. When you come in theI love theres always a welcoming smile, then you run into the Keurig Coffee station at the waiting area, which is always stocked and with refrigerated creamers! The music for some reason I always appreciate, a nice pandora station that is not your typical background elevator music. Then they have great equipment that allows for preventive medicine. They found out that I was going to develop a problem in my molar before it happened, and they were able to prevent it through the use of a laser machine that checks on the thickness of your teeth. My hygienist, Jaymi, monitored my molar for a year, and kept me informed as to what she was doing. So in my last visit she realized that it was not improving, and in possible danger, so Dr. Kremer was able to check, confirm, and talked to me about the possibility of fixing it right there. As she was fixing it she took digital pictures of my tooth to show me the process. I really felt like I was a part of my own treatment, which has not been the case in the past. Also, the chairs have a massage mechanism that makes you forget that you are at the dentist. It’s just a great experience! I had never enjoyed going to the Dentist before. So, I have to say to them – Thank you all! Also, I think there should be a link to Yelp’s reviews, or google reviews, after the visits. You already have almost 800 great reviews here.

10/22/13 by Jeremy Z, Brighton

So I paid my first visit to Dr. Vasilakis yesterday. In my 35+ years of having teeth, this was hands down my best dental experience ever. Dr. V’s staff is so friendly and so, so knowledgable. I walk in and there’s a Korig machine and filtered water waiting for me in the waiting room. Samantha greets me with a friendly hello and Carolyn efficiently runs through my paperwork. (Both these ladies have super sweet tats, btw.) Then straight into the examination room… absolutely ZERO wait time. (Can this be real life?) From Betty, the awesome Polish hygienist, I learn all kinds of stuff that no dentist had ever bothered to tell me: Stuff about the pH of my mouth and brushing techniques and gum recession prevention and even what brands of toothpaste are best suited for my mouth. Betty also offers to let me watch Hulu videos while she cleans my teeth. (She told me they’re quite popular with kids… not clear what she was trying to imply about me…) Then Dr. V strolls in and it was like Beyonce coming out after an amazing warmup act. Suffice it to say, rockstar dentist. (Think Kim Kardashian/Hillary Clinton hybrid.) Also I’ve just attempted to read a scholarly peer-reviewed journal article authored by Dr Vasilakis entitled “The Aging Alveolus and its Implications on Dental Implants.? Fascinating. I think. (Ok, I couldn’t understand a word of it it, but it’s obvious this Doc is wicked smaht.) Oh, almost forgot: warm towelettes after your teeth cleaning! Yeah. Seriously. Felt like I was flying Business on a transatlantic flight. (Unfortunately, no mini bottles of liquor… perhaps next visit…) To be honest, I almost wished they’d found some cavities; no doubt this crew would find a way to make having a drill plow through your crown a pleasant experience. Who knew going to the dentist could be so fun?

10/17/13 by Seth L, Dedham

This was the most enjoyable dental visit I’ve had in my adult life! Everyone in the office was friendly and warm, Jamie talked me through everything she was doing during the cleaning so I could follow along (right up my alley), and Dr. Vasilakis sealed the whole experience with knowledgeable counsel at the end of the appointment. This is a great office!


9/28/13 by Jeanne K, Brighton

First I was taken back by how nice it was inside. Everything was polished and complete with great chairs, water bubbler, and a kuerig set up for self service. The receptionist was more than polite. The dental hygienist was extremely thorough( even checked my gums with a measuring tool). She finished by giving me a new toothbrush and a list of correct toothpastes to use. When Dr. Vaselikis came in for a second look she was sweet and immediately addressed my insurance and affordability, which is not an easy thing to bring up on your own, but must be addressed. She went through the extreme to set up a list of priorities and prices based on my insurance coverage. That was honestly one of the nicest things she could have done.. She made it understandable and less overwhelming for me so we set up a plan of action.Im looking forward to my next appointment even though it won’t be the most pleasant one. Thank you

2/1/2012 by Emmit W, Brighton

So,… this is what happens when you invite people off the street to create a “Review Title” for their written critique of their dentist; Stated more simply, I am most thrilled to have discovered such a fine practitioner of dentistry. I have invested much in my teeth and never recognized my dentists as being genuinely concerned with a holistic approach to my entire and long term needs (as regards only my teeth and their domain of influence to my life, of course!). Dr. Vasilakis has made it very clear to me that she is committed, both as an adopted professional philosophical tenet, as well as to a very personal concern for people’s entire well being; One human’s respect and compassion for another, which precedes and transcends any legal, or professional, contractual mandates. This has been a long sought, and almost never fulfilled hope on my part. Though she has not yet exercised her technical proficiency in her acquired knowledge of dentistry, I am entirely confident that these skills will be equal in depth and breadth, to the very evident presence of her surpassing “human wisdom”. I am very grateful to have received your mailer-ad which brought me to your office. I must add that Jamie was equally impressive in her sharing with me, her very wide knowledge of dental hygiene principles, while administering those applied principles in the cleaning of my teeth. She also discovered my neglect in self medicating before coming for my cleaning. She is the best!

 12/5/11 by Kathleen J, Newton
Good Experience

After several visits with Dr. Maria Vasilakis, I have been impressed with the combination of high standards and quality of care plus warmth, empathy and understanding. This standard is set by Dr. Vasilakis herself, but I find the support staff great too.

12/2/2011 by Lynn F, Brighton
not afraid of the dentist anymore! best ever!

This is the first time in my life I have not been completely terrified at the thought of going to a dentist. The office is immaculate, staff warm and friendly and Dr. Maria has helped me come up with a reasonable plan for keeping my teeth & gums healthy. I recommend her to everyone I know (and don’t know!)

5/20/11 by Paul M, Brighton
Extraordinary Extraction

Dr. Vasilakis ranks as the best dentist I have had. That says a lot, because the best before her was excellent even if he was my best friend from the first grade until his death in 2007. He excelled at Tuft’s Dental School (where I was his patient for his board examination) and he remained on their teaching staff after he established his own practice. Exceedingly competent, completely thorough, ultimately professional, he treated my family and me to our total satisfaction until he retired. After that I had two dentists who, disappointingly, fell short of my friend Jack’s standards. However, fate took a hand and delivered me into Dr. Vasilakis’ practice; she inherited me. My experience with her has been everything one could expect. We have run the gamut from a crown, to intricate fillings, to an extraction. She has been outstanding in every respect, from her genial approach,her thorough diagnosis, her caring attitude, and most of all, her professional work. Talented, knowledgeable,exceptionally competent, and compassionate, she represents the epitome in dental care. She surpasses my late friend. I would urge anyone, as I have, to put themselves in her care.

5/3/2011  by Jeffrey H, Brighton
5 Star Treatment

Every visit is an enjoyable experience where I leave looking forward to scheduling my next one. Not only is the cleaning gentle, but I appreciate the focus given to preventative care. If you’re looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Vasilakis and team!

4/27/11 Carla P, Brighton
loved everything about this place!

This was great! The office is so clean and welcoming. Everyone was super friendly and very informative. I like how everything was explained to me and no one just picked through my teeth with no feedback on what was going on. I feel like I got a dental lesson along with the cleaning with all the new information I left with. Jamies was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. The only reason i am leaving half a star empty is because I would have liked the actual dentist to spend a little bit more time on checking my teeth, but Jamie had done a great job explaining everything to me so I felt confident in the consultation. Thanks so much! I will be returning and recommending your services!

4/23/11 Rosa P, Brighton
The best Dental Practice!

I am so blessed to have found such an incredible and amazing practice. I always feel welcome. The place is so warm and cozy the people is friendly and makes me thank God for their sweet souls.
Besides they are honest, punctual, and they always make me feel safe and they are always giving me options to accommodate my budgets and my needs. They are amazing!! Thank you ALL!

2/25/11 Anne S, Brighton
Extremely gratifying in every way!

I felt very satisfied & enlightened by way of the dialogue & gracious response to my questions surrounding uncertainty. I also felt that the clarifications & explanations are to my best advantage in regard to the Professional choices recommended for my particular need. THANKS IN ABUNDANCE!!!

12/3/10 by Cathy S

I was very pleased with the two visits I have had at Dr. Maria’s dental facility. Both the dentist and hygienist explained what they were doing and why. They gave me a treatment plan and explained the procedures they felt would be beneficial for me. On the day of my crown procedure, the staff made me feel as relaxed as possible and continued to explain the steps as my crowns were being done. It was very helpful to me to understand things as they were happening.

11/24/10 by Debbie F

I recently began going to Dr. Vasilakis and take my children there, also. We are all very pleased with her ability as well as her pleasant manner. She was very patient with my 9 year old and when she did an extraction on me, she was very understanding as to how uncomfortable that is. She even called me that evening. I have never had a doctor call me later on, especially a dentist! I would recommend her to anyone.

11/2/10  by Margie S

Dr. Vasilakis is a wonderful dentist. She puts you completely at ease. She accommodated our schedule and put no pressure on us to have work done–she let us decide when we were ready. Her office is very comfortable with kind, competent staff members. They make it look easy, and work very quickly yet thoroughly. I highly recommend this dentist.

9/16/10 by Margaret C

I was very pleased to be fit into the schedule on short notice, having broken a tooth. And I was amazed to be able to have the tooth capped in one visit! The whole process was excellent and I am very pleased with the results – thank you!

6/2/10 by Michelle K

I had gone through several dentists before I was fortunate enough to start working with Dr. Maria. She is extremely caring, honest and talented. I won’t be going anywhere else again

Letter written by Mr. John L to Cape Cares

Dear Cape Cares,

Doctor Maria Vasilakis has been my dentist for about three years.  Her work has been excellent from a professional standpoint and concern for patients comfort. She is outstanding at all times.  I knew Dr Maria was an exceptionally nice person before finding out about her humanitarian involvement.  Words cannot express how I feel about Dr. Maria and I know my late wife would feel the same way.  Please accept the enclosed contribution to help those who need it most.  Keep up the good work.

John L